Alaska State Legislature
2001 Audio Clip Archive




  1. Representative John Harris explains the need for House Bill 228, which passed the House Monday. The measure seeks to reduce the ability of underage Alaskans from buying tobacco products., 04-30-01
    = John Harris, 70 K
  2. Representative Joe Green describes what he is trying to accomplish by introducing HB 43, which passed the House Monday. The measure forgives part of the Alaska student loans for graduates who teach in Alaskan schools., 04-30-01
    = Joe Green, 61 K


  1. Representative Norman Rokeberg defends and explains the effects his HB 4 would have on DUI law., 04-29-01
    = Norman Rokeberg, 136 K


  1. Senator Jerry Ward discusses the addition to the State of Alaska's FY02 Capital Budget, which passed out of the Senate Finance Committee today, that provides funds for the designing contruction of the Youth Detention Facility in the Kenai Peninsula., 04-28-01
    = Jerry Ward, 71 K
  2. Senator Pete Kelly, Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committe, speaks on the FY02 Capital Budget, which passed out of his committee today., 04-28-01
    = Pete Kelly, 75 K


  1. Representative Pete Kott defends HJR 28 during a floor speech Friday. The resolution urges the U.S. Dept. of Transportation to give favorable consideration to Alaska Airlines' application to obtain landing privileges at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington D.C., 04-27-01
    = Pete Kott, 71 K
  2. Representative Drew Scalzi explains the effects of HB 154. The measure would ease fish business tax bonding requirements expected of processors. The bill passed the House unanimously Friday., 04-27-01
    = Drew Scalzi, 116 K
  3. Representative Eldon Mulder describes why HB 250 is so important to Alaska's budget making process. The measure passed the House unanimously Friday and it establishes "missions and measures" for state departments. State agencies are held accountable for defining their missions and measuring how well they use state funds to provide value for Alaskans., 04-27-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 85 K
  4. Rep. Mulder relates how "missions and measures" budget principles have helped budget makers assess how well the Alaska Dept. of Transportation has done its job for Alaskans., 04-27-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 56 K


  1. Senator Loren Leman explains the need for SB 149, which seeks to increase the pool of available teachers in Alaska. The Senate passed the measure Thursday., 04-26-01
    = Loren Leman, 98 K
  2. Senator Robin Taylor explains that the State of Alaska should be paying its bills on time for DOT projects and paying interest on contract disputes. The Senate passed SB 152 Thursday, which requires such actions., 04-26-01
    = Robin Taylor, 51 K
  3. Senator Dave Donley defends SB 183 during his floor speech Thursday. The measure makes public interst litigants subject to the provisions regarding judgements for attorneys' fees in the current Civil Rule 82. It would also prevent legal fees being awarded to a litigant for claims on which they did not prevail., 04-26-01
    = Dave Donley, 81 K
  4. Representative Eldon Mulder comments on the motivations for introducing HB 260. The measure sets cruise ship discharge limits., 04-26-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 128 K
  5. Rep. Mulder talks about the basis for opposition to the cruise ship discharge bill., 04-26-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 75 K
  6. Rep. Mulder lists his prime focus for introducing HB 260, the cruise ship discharge bill., 04-26-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 30 K


  1. Representative Dyson describes who is likely to take advantage of his bill HB 196, which passed the House today, creates the institution of legal seperation in Alaska., 04-25-01
    = Fred Dyson, 27 K
  2. Representative Murkowski describes the current problem with Workers' Compensation Laws, which prompted her to introduce HB 212, which passed the House today., 04-25-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 94 K


  1. Representative John Coghill Jr. of North Pole explains that HB 120, which passed the House Tuesday, would both give long-term care facilities or schools access to nationwide information on applicants’ criminal background, while also ensuring the privacy of that information., 04-24-01
    = John Coghill, 71 K
  2. Representative Mike Chenault describes some of the history in Alaska of the Lend Lease program used during WWII to arm Russia. HJR 27, which passed the House Tuesday, calls for the Legislature to support the Alaska-Siberia Research Project's efforts to erect bronze plaques in Fairbanks, Nome, Russia and Canada to commemorate the Lend-Lease effort., 04-24-01
    = Mike Chenault, 63 K
  3. Representative Keven Meyer defends his HB 210 on the House Floor Tuesday. The measure removes the statute of limitations on felony sexual assault civil and criminal cases., 04-24-01
    = Kevin Meyer, 79 K
  4. Representative Norman Rokeberg speaking on the floor of the House on Monday and describes how different stakeholders in the mental health and public health field in Anchorage came to an agreement on the location for the new API. House Bill 76 passed the House again Tuesday on reconsideration., 04-24-01
    = Norman Rokeberg, 61 K


  1. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Pete Kelly, explains how his measure will help resolve Alaska's teacher shortage problem. SB 86 passed the Senate on Monday., 04-23-01
    = Pete Kelly, 61 K
  2. Senator Jerry Ward comments on SB 145 from the Senate floor. The bill passed the Senate Monday. The measure strengthens the delivery of law enforcement in rural Alaska by increasing Village Public Safety Officers' benefits and responsibilities., 04-23-01
    = Jerry Ward, 57 K
  3. Representative Fred Dyson details the effects of his HB 167. The measure allows owners of antique cars in Alaska to equip them with antique license plates., 04-23-01
    = Fred Dyson, 76 K
  4. Representative Norman Rokeberg lists some of the Alaskans killed in 2000 due to drunk drivers. HB 200 would set aside July 3rd to honor drunk driving victims., 04-23-01
    = Norman Rokeberg, 85 K
  5. Representative Norman Rokeberg explains that HB 3 is a common sense first step towards balancing Alaska's budget. The measure passed the House Monday. It seeks to restore the portion of state oil royalties deposited into the Alaska Permanent Fund to the 25% level required by the state Constitution., 04-23-01
    = Norman Rokeberg, 54 K


  1. Senate President, Senator Rick Halford, describes the function of his proposed Statewide Suicide Prevention Council. Legislation, SB 198, to form the council was introduced Friday., 04-20-01
    = Rick Halford, 42 K
  2. Representative John Harris defends SB 60 during a floor speech Friday. The measure passed the House Friday. It couples a farmer's grandfathered right to continue farming to filing and maintaining a farm conservation plan with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation Service., 04-20-01
    = John Harris, 91 K
  3. Representative Gary Stevens defends his measure, HB 194. The bill, which unanimously passed the House Friday, sets non-resident commercial fishing permits at the maximum allowed., 04-20-01
    = Gary Stevens, 97 K
  4. Rep. Stevens explains that HB 194 doesn't resolve the Carlson court case, but helps the state charge defensible fees to non-resident commercial fishermen. , 04-20-01
    = Gary Stevens, 47 K
  5. Representative Jim Whitaker explains why he introduced HB 197, which protects Alaskan graveyards from vandalism., 04-20-01
    = Jim Whitaker, 84 K
  6. Rep. Whitaker further explains the need for a bill to criminalize desecration of Alaskan graveyards and memorials., 04-20-01
    = Jim Whitaker, 33 K


  1. Represenative Hugh "Bud" Fate defends SB 164 during a floor speech Thursday in the House. The measure passed the House Thursday. It amends Alaska's Right-of-Way Leasing Act to preclude the DNR Commissioner from issuing a right-of-way lease for an over the top route for the proposed gas pipeline., 04-19-01
    = Hugh "Bud" Fate, 63 K
  2. Representative Kevin Meyer describes the effects of HB 214, which passed the House Thursday. The measure discourages minors from seeking to get illegally served in bars., 04-19-01
    = Kevin Meyer, 83 K
  3. Representative Norman Rokeberg explains how HB 214 protects bar owners from the significant penalties associated wiht serving minors., 04-19-01
    = Norman Rokeberg, 77 K
  4. Representative Con Bunde discusses HB 13, which passed the Senate Thursday. The measure protects local service areas from changes without a vote of the residents., 04-19-01
    = Con Bunde, 79 K
  5. Rep. Bunde gives a brief explanation of what a local service area is., 04-19-01
    = Con Bunde, 75 K


  1. Representative Mike Chenault defends his decision to sponsor HB 149. The bill allows the state to house prisoners in a privately built and operated correctional facility in Kenai., 04-18-01
    = Mike Chenault, 48 K
  2. Rep. Chenault explains the advantages of having the prison in Alaska., 04-18-01
    = Mike Chenault, 77 K
  3. Representative Lisa Murkowski lists the benefits of her measure, HB 121. The bill provides Alaskans some assurances abou the financial strength and stability of charitable organizations which issue charitable gift annuities., 04-18-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 58 K
  4. Rep. Murkowski comments on the general provisions of her Charitable Gift Annuity Bill, HB 121., 04-18-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 68 K
  5. Rep. Murkowski explains that her measure, HB 121, is really consumer protection legislation., 04-18-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 73 K


  1. Representative Joe Green describes the impact HB 113 would have when Alaskans deal with the timely processing of health insurance claims. The measure passed the House on Thursday., 04-12-01
    = Joe Green, 94 K
  2. Representative Peggy Wilson comments on her motivations for introducing HB 203. The measure calls for a study of the different costs for running schools around the state., 04-12-01
    = Peggy Wilson, 97 K


  1. Representative Kevin Meyer defends and explains his Enhanced 911 measure during a floor speech Wednesday. The bill permits municipalities to share the cost of their telephone emergency response system with cell phone users., 04-11-01
    = Kevin Meyer, 176 K
  2. Representative Lesil McGuire explains the goals of her HB 99 regarding conflict resolution in Alaska schools., 04-11-01
    = Lesil McGuire, 102 K


  1. Senator Loren Leman explains that SB 121 clarifies Alaska's Right-of-Way Leasing Act and assists the permitting process for a North Slope gas pipeline. The measure passed the Senate Tuesday., 04-10-01
    = Loren Leman, 78 K
  2. Representative John Coghill explains he introduced HB 111 in response to members of Alaska's 4-H Clubs, who feared people who attend livestock shows without understanding that cows, pigs, horses and other agricultural animals can injure humans might try to hold an animal's human owners liable for any such injuries., 04-10-01
    = John Coghill, 57 K
  3. Representative Ken Lancaster on Tuesday defends his measure, HB 165, during his floor speech. The measure would expand the Kenai River Special Management Area (KRSMA) to include an additional 7,938 acres of land and water., 04-10-01
    = Ken Lancaster, 66 K
  4. 04-09-01

    1. Senator Dave Donley comments on SB 99 and relates his personal experience with being a victim of violent crime. The measure expands the state's convicted offender DNA registry to include samples from those convicted of burglary., 04-09-01
      = Dave Donley, 76 K
    2. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley, details some of the spending increase amendments offered by the Senate Minority to the FY 2002 operating budget., 04-09-01
      = Dave Donley, 126 K
    3. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley, talks about the process of developing a package of legislation that will be the start of an Alaskan Longe Range Fiscal Plan., 04-09-01
      = Dave Donley, 97 K
    4. Senator Donley, continues his comments on a package of legislation that will be the start of an Alaskan Longe Range Fiscal Plan., 04-09-01
      = Dave Donley, 93 K
    5. Representative Jim Whitaker comments on his measure, HCR 8. The resolution opposes the northern, or "over-the-top" route for the proposed gas line., 04-09-01
      = Jim Whitaker, 48 K


    1. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley, describes increased spending for education contained in the FY 2002 Operating Budget during floor debate Friday., 04-06-01
      = Dave Donley, 125 K
    2. Sen. Donley explains how the efforts of the Legislature over the last several years have contributed to the decrease in crime levels across the state., 04-06-01
      = Dave Donley, 125 K
    3. Sen. Donley outlines increased funding for drug and alcohol programs, tobacco prevention, fetal alcohol problems, and other public health issues., 04-06-01
      = Dave Donley, 125 K
    4. Senate HESS Chair, Senator Lyda Green, lists some of the increased spending for public health., 04-06-01
      = Lyda Green, 125 K
    5. Sen. Donley describes additional increases in funding for public safety and public health programs, including avalanche safety programs., 04-06-01
      = Dave Donley, 125 K
    6. On the Senate Floor, Senator Loren Leman corrects inaccurate statements made in an article published in Friday's Anchorage Daily News., 04-06-01
      = Loren Leman, 126 K
    7. Senator Jerry Ward describes the effects of his recently introduced DWI measure., 04-06-01
      = Jerry Ward, 67 K
    8. House Judiciary Committee Chair, Representative Norman Rokeberg, speaks in support of HB 172. The measure, which passed the House on Friday, creates innovative therapeutic courts to help keep repeat drunken drivers sober and Alaska's roads safer., 04-06-01
      = Norman Rokeberg, 101 K
    9. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, praises the concept of therapeutic courts., 04-06-01
      = Eldon Mulder, 65 K
    10. House Majority Leader, Representative Jeannette James, also praises the concept of therapeutic courts., 04-06-01
      = Jeannette James, 41 K


    1. Representative Gary Stevens speaks from the floor of the House in support of SJR 10, which urges the Federal Government to fully fund the United States Coast Guard. Rep. Stevens explains the history of the US Coast Guard in Alaska, 04-05-01
      = Gary Stevens, 91 K
    2. Representative Bill Hudson explains why he supports SJR 14 on the House Floor Thursday. The measure, which passed the House, calls on President George W. Bush and others to negotiate with the Canadian government to rescind their new restrictive firearms regulations affecting those who travel back and forth across the U.S.-Canadian boarder., 04-05-01
      = Bill Hudson, 59 K
    3. Representative Hugh "Bud" Fate expresses his goal of getting private property in the hands of Alaskans. He introduced a measure, HB 232, to do just that Thursday., 04-05-01
      = Hugh "Bud" Fate, 20 K
    4. Rep. Fate describes what motivated him to introduce his land sale measure., 04-05-01
      = Hugh "Bud" Fate, 36 K
    5. Rep. Fate explains the shortcomings of existing state land disposal programs., 04-05-01
      = Hugh "Bud" Fate, 53 K
    6. Representative Fred Dyson, Chair of the House Health, Education, and Social Services Committee, discusses House Bill 162 that passed the House today, extending allowable absences for the Longevity Bonus program, 04-05-01
      = Hugh "Bud" Fate, 53 K
    7. Representative Andrew Halcro comments on his motivations for proposing legislation that would assist rural air carriers in finding cost effective aviation insurance., 04-05-01
      = Andrew Halcro, 57 K
    8. Rep. Halcro explains some of the details of his proposed aviation insurance legislation., 04-05-01
      = Andrew Halcro, 74 K


    1. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chair, Senator Pete Kelly, defends his measure, SB37 on the Senate Floor Wednesday. The bill allows independent, competing physicians to collectively bargain with insurance companies regarding the provisions of physician services contracts., 04-04-01
      = Pete Kelly, 120 K
    2. House Judiciary Chair, Representative Norman Rokeberg, lists some of the provisions of his DWI measure, HB 4, which passed his committee Tuesday., 04-04-01
      = Norman Rokeberg, 202 K
    3. Rep. Rokeberg discusses some of his goals with introducing the omnibus DWI measure., 04-04-01
      = Norman Rokeberg, 65 K
    4. Rep. Rokeberg places his omnibus measure in the context of the Majority's overall efforts to fight alcohol abuse in Alaska., 04-04-01
      = Norman Rokeberg, 59 K
    5. House Special Committee on Education Chair, Representative Con Bunde, explains his committee's actions in passing out a competency test revision bill Wednesday., 04-04-01
      = Con Bunde, 49 K
    6. Rep. Bunde lists what happens during the two year delay in the compentency test., 04-04-01
      = Con Bunde, 71 K
    7. Rep. Bunde discusses how the accountability provided by the competency test can benefit students., 04-04-01
      = Con Bunde, 89 K


    1. Senator Torgerson speaks from the floor of the Senate on SB 164, which prohibits permitting of a pipeline route under the Beaufort Sea, 04-02-01
      = John Torgerson, 105 K
    2. Senator Torgerson continues from the Senate floor on SB 143, which requires that oil and gas providers not only pay for the permitting costs, but also the pre-application costs when applying for land use right-of-way permits, 04-02-01
      = John Torgerson, 61 K
    3. Senator Pearce speaks from the floor of the Senate on SB 156, which makes it clear that the Dept. of Natural Resources only has to issue a Best Interest finding at the beginning of a project, not at each phase, 04-02-01
      = Drue Pearce, 138 K
    4. Representative Lisa Murkowski of Anchorage describes why she introduced her House Bill 225 to increase the alcohol tax, 04-02-01
      = Lisa Murkowski, 57 K
    5. Representative Murkowski describes how the increased alcohol tax fits into the Majority's overall effort to address problems with alcohol in Alaska, 04-02-01
      = Lisa Murkowski, 66 K
    6. Representative Jim Whitaker of Fairbanks describe the reason behind his House Bill 24, an act relating to use of certain borough revenues for a tourism marketing campaign, which passed the Senate today, 04-02-01
      = Jim Whitaker, 31 K
    7. Representative Jim Whitaker of Fairbanks describe the reason behind his House Bill 24, an act relating to use of certain borough revenues for a tourism marketing campaign, which passed the Senate today, 04-02-01
      = Jim Whitaker, 72 K
    8. Representative Jim Whitaker explains why HB 24 is important to the state, 04-02-01
      = Jim Whitaker, 31 K

    # # #

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