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  1. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Senator Robin Taylor, explains his motivations for introducing SB 344. The measure would make terrorist acts an aggravating factor in sentencing., 03-29-02
    = Robin Taylor, 42K      = Robin Taylor, 289K


  1. Senator Gene Therriault comments on his motivations for introducing SB 308. The measure passed the Senate Thursday with bi-partisan support and is geared toward fixing Alaska's broken coastal zone permitting process., 03-28-02
    = Gene Therriault, 49K      = Gene Therriault, 340K
  2. Sen. Therriault explains that his legislation (SB 308) allows permits to be phased., 03-28-02
    = Gene Therriault, 25K      = Gene Therriault, 174K
  3. Sen. Therriault continues his comments on SB 308., 03-28-02
    = Gene Therriault, 35K      = Gene Therriault, 241K


  1. House Labor and Commerce Chairwoman, Representative Lisa Murkowski, explains HB 355. The measure authorizes the state to tax mobile telecommunication services. HB 355 passed the House unanimously Monday., 03-25-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 80K      = Lisa Murkowski, 559K


  1. Representative Vic Kohring comments that the budget the House passed doesn't go "far enough" in cuts for him., 03-20-02
    = Vic Kohring, 52K      = Vic Kohring, 363K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, speaks on the budget from the House Floor., 03-18-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 95K      = Eldon Mulder, 660K
  2. Rep. Mulder comments on the significant reductions in the current budget., 03-18-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 45K      = Eldon Mulder, 311K
  3. Speaker of the House, Representative Brian Porter, explains the reasons the House restored money to the State's Subsistence Division., 03-18-02
    = Brian Porter, 83K      = Brian Porter, 579K
  4. Rep. Porter expresses his desire for the House to move from passage of the budget to consideration of measures to raise new revenue to help fill the State's fiscal gap., 03-18-02
    = Brian Porter, 80K      = Brian Porter, 559K


  1. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chairwoman, Representative Lisa Murkowski, explains from the House Floor what her measure, HB 215, would do. The bill passed the House Friday. It seeks to allow optometrists to prescribe medicine to treat eye diseases., 03-15-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 123K      = Lisa Murkowski, 856K
  2. House Judiciary Chairman, Representative Norman Rokeberg, comments from the House Floor on HB 384. The measure, which passed the House Friday, was sponsored by the House Judiciary Committee. It seeks to improve compliance with a 1997 state tort reform law requiring attorneys to report on the disposition of tort cases, by simplifying the data reporting form and clarifying an attorney’s duty in reporting such information., 03-15-02
    = Norman Rokeberg, 88K      = Norman Rokeberg, 611K
  3. House Resources Co-Chairman, Representative Drew Scalzi, describes from the House Floor what actions his HB 286 would take to help fishery managers consolidate Alaska's commercial salmon fishery. The measure passed the House Friday., 03-15-02
    = Drew Scalzi, 87K      = Drew Scalzi, 605K
  4. Representative Jim Whitaker comments on his HB 296, which passed Friday. The measure mandates that Municipalities seeking to merge or consolidate with other municipalities would have to win approval of a majority of voters in each community., 03-15-01
    = Jim Whitaker, 57K      = Jim Whitaker, 370K


  1. Representative Lesil McGuire explains how HB 314 would restore permanent fund dividends to Alaskans who volunteer with the Peace Corps., 03-13-02
    = Lesil McGuire, 102K      = Lesil McGuire, 711K
  2. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chairwoman, Representative Lisa Murkowski, describes her HB 418. The measure would allow corporations in Alaska to use the internet to deliver annual reports and accept proxy votes from shareholders., 03-13-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 55K      = Lisa Murkowski, 384K
  3. Representative Ken Lancaster speaks from the House Floor about his HB 374. The bill would name a Sterling Highway bridge over the Kenai River in honor of David Douthit, an Alaskan soldier who died in the Persian Gulf War., 03-13-02
    = Ken Lancaster, 55K      = Ken Lancaster, 383K
  4. Representative Vic Kohring comments on how his HB 389 would help developers renovating derelict buildings., 03-13-02
    = Vic Kohring, 74K      = Vic Kohring, 518K


  1. House Special Committee on Oil and Gas Chairman, Representative Scott Ogan, explains his motivations for introducing HB 439. The measure, which passed the House Wednesday, would end a program allowing review of coastal zone development by petition, a program widely acknowledged by many to be broken. , 03-07-02
    = Scott Ogan, 77K      = Scott Ogan, 541K
  2. Representative Vic Kohring repeats his call for massive cuts and reorganizations in state spending to meet Alaska's fiscal gap., 03-07-02
    = Vic Kohring, 76K      = Vic Kohring, 527K
  3. Rep. Kohring comments on his vision of a revolution in Alaska, not of guns, but of budget cutting knives., 03-07-02
    = Vic Kohring, 79K      = Vic Kohring, 552K


  1. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chairwoman, Representative Lisa Murkowski, describes her HB 262. The measure would help address a backlog of boiler and elevator inspections by authorizing the state to deposit fees for inspections into a special account that would pay for additional inspectors., 03-06-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 85K      = Lisa Murkowski, 593K


  1. Representative Kevin Meyer describes the effect of HB 281, which passed the House Monday. The measure would hold adults who give alcohol to minors liable for the damages the young drinkers might cause., 03-04-02
    = Kevin Meyer, 54 K      = Kevin Meyer, 371 K
  2. Representative Ken Lancaster comments on how limited access veterinarians created the need for his HB 306. The bill allows animal control offices to use drugs to euthanize domestic animals., 03-04-02
    = Ken Lancaster, 75 K      = Ken Lancaster, 520 K


  1. Senate President, Rick Halford, expresses his view that the Permanent Fund is a potential target for spending now. But he believes it should be preserved for the long-term future., 03-01-02
    = Rick Halford, 64 K      = Rick Halford, 446 K
  2. Rick Halford comments that the Permanent Fund isn't permanent unless its got inflation proofing and pays dividends to Alaskans., 03-01-02
    = Rick Halford, 23 K      = Rick Halford, 153 K

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