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  1. Senator Dave Donley defends his measure, SJR 17, during his floor speech Thursday. Senator Donley relates that a U.S. Attorney for the Department of Justice asserts during oral arguments in a recent case it is the policy of the Justice Department they can restrict all private gun ownership., 03-29-01
    = Dave Donley, 90 K
  2. Senator Donley continues his comments by saying it is appropriate to defend the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms., 03-29-01
    = Dave Donley, 84 K


  1. House Special Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs Chair, Representative Mike Chenault, defends HB 137 Monday in his floor speech. The measure eliminates duplicate record keeping requirements and makes the preferred single depository of Alaska veterans' discharge papers the State Recorders' office., 03-26-01
    = Mike Chenault, 98 K


  1. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley says equal pay between the sexes for equal jobs is the right thing to do., 03-23-01
    = Dave Donley, 100 K
  2. Senate Resources Committee Chair, Senator John Torgerson, explains his motivations for introducing legislation that would remove the "over-the-top" route for an Alaskan Natural Gas line from consideration., 03-23-01
    = John Torgerson, 124 K
  3. Senate Resources Committee Chair, Senator John Torgerson, describes the actions his committee's measure would take. SB 158 will help determine whether the state invests in a natural gas pipeline. SB 158 requires the commissioner of revenue to present a comprehensive report, with recommendations, addressing ownership and financing options for the proposed gas pipeline to the legislature and the governor no later than Jan. 31, 2002., 03-23-01
    = John Torgerson, 119 K
  4. Representative Gary Stevens honors former long-time legislator Fred Zharoff and explains some of the reasons its fitting Kodiak renames its Near Island Bridge for the former legislator., 03-23-01
    = Gary Stevens, 126 K
  5. Representative John Coghill discusses HB 110, which passed the House Friday. The measure will help ensure privacy and counter the growing use of social security numbers as ID numbers., 03-23-01
    = John Coghill, 70 K
  6. Representative Fred Dyson explains how the State Department of Fish and Game sells fish it catches through its fishery research programs to defray the costs of those research efforts., 03-23-01
    = Fred Dyson, 167 K
  7. Representative Drew Scalzi relates why he introduced HJR 10, which passed the Senate Friday. The bill calls on federal fisheries managers to rely on sound science in making decisions balancing Steller sea lion protection and commercial fishing interests in managing groundfish in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska., 03-23-01
    = Drew Scalzi, 68 K


  1. House Rules Chairman, Representative Pete Kott, speaks to a resolution unanimously passed in the House Thursday denouncing and condemning a recent paintball attack on Alaska Natives., 03-22-01
    = Pete Kott, 77 K


  1. Representative Drew Scalzi supports SJR 7 in his floor speech Tuesday. The measure calls President George W. Bush to reinstate a directive that would prohibit wilderness reviews of Alaska's federal lands., 03-20-01
    = Drew Scalzi, 95 K
  2. House Special Education Committee Chair, Representative Con Bunde, speaks to SJR 6 in a floor speech Tuesday. The measure urges Congress to give states greater control over the federal education dollars they receive., 03-20-01
    = Con Bunde, 73 K
  3. House Majority Leader, Representative Jeanette James, urges support for SJR 12 during her floor speech Tuesday. The measure urges Congress to eliminate the marriage tax penalty., 03-20-01
    = Jeanette James, 65 K
  4. Senator John Torgerson explains his motivations for introducing SB 141. The measure expands the shellfish mariculture industry in Alaska., 03-20-01
    = John Torgerson, 99 K


  1. Representative Lesil McGuire discusses state law regarding Incremental Tax Financing that her House Bill 156 seeks to repair. This would allow municipalities to more easily use existing mechanisms for public development projects., 03-19-01
    = Lesil McGuire, 67 K
  2. Jonathan Hobbs, of the American Institute For Full Employment, gives a preview of the proposal his organization hopes to deliver at Tuesday’s meeting of the House Health Education and Social Services Committee., 03-19-01
    = Johathan Hobbs, 49 K
  3. Senator Jerry Ward explains his motivations for introducing SB 150. The measure would fund a youth detention center on the Kenai Peninsula., 03-19-01
    = Jerry Ward, 95 K


  1. Senator Gary Wilkens honors the memory of Bill Wood during his floor speech Friday., 03-16-01
    = Gary Wilken, 23 K
  2. Senator Wilken lists some of the accomplishments of former University President Bill Wood., 03-16-01
    = Gary Wilken, 80 K
  3. House Rules Committee Chair, Representative Pete Kott, defends SB 16 during his floor speech Friday. The measure enacts recommendations proposed by the Task Force on Motorized Oil Transport and Senator Pearce's measure from last year, SB 273: "Non-Tank Vessel Oil Spill Response"., 03-16-01
    = Pete Kott, 131 K
  4. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, discusses the differences between the Hosue and Senate versions of the "Fast-Track Supplemental" bill that passed the House Friday., 03-16-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 62 K
  5. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chair, Representative Lisa Murkowski, explains HB 150 during her floor speech Friday. The measure eases accounting requirements for rental car insurance payments., 03-16-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 39 K


  1. Senator Robin Taylor explains Alaska's requirements for mandated survival equipment carried in small aircraft and how Canada's recent gun laws conflict with Alaska's requirements.
    = Robin Taylor, 117 K
  2. Senator Taylor continues his comments on how Canadian gun law conflicts with Alaskan safety requirements with specific examples from Southeast.
    = Robin Taylor, 78 K
  3. Senate President, Senator Rick Halford, decribes his motivations for introducing SB 145 and why the Village Public Safety Officer program needs assistance.
    = Rick Halford, 99 K
  4. Representative John Harris explains why he introduced HB 127. The measure is a way to help Alaska pilots not violate state laws designed to help them survive in case of emergency, while helping them avoid Canada's restrictive and costly gun regulations on routine cross-border flights..
    = John Harris, 59 K
  5. Rep. Harris comments on his reasons for personally carrying a gun on cross country flights in Alaska.
    = John Harris, 39 K
  6. Rep. Harris speculates on the number of Alaskan pilots his measure would help.
    = John Harris, 43 K


  1. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley, comments on raises granted to state Pioneers' Homes to cover nurses' mid-year salary raises negotiated independently by the Department of Administration., 03-14-01
    = Dave Donley, 105 K
  2. Senator Donley defends funding included in this year's Fast-Track Budget bill given to Arctic Power. This non-profit group advocates on behalf of opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling., 03-14-01
    = Dave Donley, 111 K
  3. Senator Donley details funding included in the Fast-Track Budget bill for specific programs related to the evaluation and permitting for a natural gas pipeline., 03-14-01
    = Dave Donley, 58 K
  4. Representative Ken Lancaster explains why he introduced legislation to draw on the Railbelt Energy Fund to finance electrical projects in the Interior, Southeast and Prince William Sound areas., 03-14-01
    = Ken Lancaster, 37 K
  5. Rep. Lancaster details the cost savings and other benefits to Alaskans if the Kake-Petersburg Intertie and the Cordova Power Creek Hydropower projects are constructed., 03-14-01
    = Ken Lancaster, 46 K
  6. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, explains that the fiscal restraint the Majority has shown over the past five years in its budget efforts gives Alaskans options in dealing with current fiscal conditions., 03-14-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 103 K
  7. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Bill Williams, says the current budget process has been responsible, reasonable, and statemanlike. He further explores the options of an alcohol tax., 03-14-01
    = Bill Williams, 81 K
  8. House Finance Committee Vice-Chair, Representative Con Bunde, reflects upon the necessity of the cumbersome budget process., 03-14-01
    = Con Bunde, 54 K
  9. House Finance Committee member, Representative Bill Hudson, comments on historic budget trends., 03-14-01
    = Bill Hudson, 29 K
  10. Representative Joe Green observes that, "while we can't cut ourselves to "budget" safety, we can certainly spend ourselves into oblivion"., 03-14-01
    = Joe Green, 26 K
  11. Representative Joe Green comments on the "moving target" nature of the budget process., 03-14-01
    = Joe Green, 73 K
  12. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, defends the $34 million dollar savings over the Governor's proposed budget requests., 03-14-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 79 K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, defends the funds spent in the operating budget to protect Alaskans against crime during his floor speech Tuesday night., 03-13-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 124 K
  2. Rep. Mulder details the increases in child care funding in the operating budget during his floor speech Tuesday night., 03-13-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 55 K
  3. Rep. Mulder continues his comments on child care funding., 03-13-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 199 K
  4. House Education Committee Chair, Representative Con Bunde, addresses public safety funding concerns in the operating budget during Tuesday night's floor session., 03-13-01
    = Con Bunde, 168 K
  5. Representative John Harris, comments on the Legislature's responsibility to spend Alaskan dollars wisely., 03-13-01
    = John Harris, 55 K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, reacts to a series of amendments seeking to add $34 million to the state budget at the recommendation of the Governor's education task force., 03-12-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 180 K
  2. Rep. Mulder gives a general assessment of this year's budget process and the end product., 03-12-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 156 K
  3. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Bill Williams, offers his perspective on the budget process., 03-12-01
    = Bill Williams, 44 K
  4. House Labor and Commerce Committee Chair, Representative Lisa Murkowski defends SJR 8 in a floor speech Monday. The resolution urges the Department of Defense to rescind a directive that makes voting more difficult for active duty military members and their families., 03-12-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 126 K
  5. Representative Murkowski explains the impacts on upcoming municipal elections if the directive ordered by former President Clinton, that makes voting more difficult for active duty military members and their families, is not recinded., 03-12-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 123 K

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