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  1. House Finance Committee Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, explains how the House Finance Commitee allocations for general fund spending fit into an overall fiscal plan., 02-28-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 86 K      = Eldon Mulder, 594 K
  2. Representative Mulder characterizes the announced department allocations as a "hold the line" budget., 02-28-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 49 K      = Eldon Mulder, 341 K
  3. Representative Mulder details the House Finance Committee's plans for completing work on a budget bill in the coming weeks., 02-28-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 57 K      = Eldon Mulder, 392 K
  4. Senate Rules Chairman, Senator Randy Phillips, comments on how his annual district survey is a tool that brings state government closer to the public., 02-28-02
    = Randy Phillips, 16 K      = Randy Phillips, 109 K
  5. Senator Phillips talks about his motivations for soliciting his constituents' opinions via his district questionnaire and how he uses the information garnered from the results., 02-28-02
    = Randy Phillips, 43 K      = Randy Phillips, 295 K
  6. Senator Phillips relates a previous example of how closely his questionnaire tracked the actual vote totals from a past initiative petition question., 02-28-02
    = Randy Phillips, 87 K      = Randy Phillips, 605 K


  1. Representative Joe Green comments on the Senate passage of his HB 320. The bill authorizes the use of electronic balloting machines in Alaska, so visually impaired Alaskans can vote in private., 02-27-02
    = Joe Green, 63 K      = Joe Green, 434 K
  2. Rep. Green explains that the bill does not mandate immediate expenditures of money on new voting machinery., 02-27-02
    = Joe Green, 38 K      = Joe Green, 262 K
  3. Representative Gary Stevens talks about his HB 289, which would help eliminate confusion if municipalities vote to change their system of government at the same time they vote for municipal leaders. The bill passed the House Wednesday., 02-27-02
    = Gary Stevens, 101 K      = Gary Stevens , 704 K
  4. Representative Mike Chenault details how his HB 358 fits into the Kenai Peninsula Boroughs overall efforts to reduce teh risk of fire on spruce bark beetle-killed forests. The measure, which passeed the House unanimously on Wednesday, allows municipalities to waive property tax on improvements necessary to prevent forest fires., 02-27-02
    = Mike Chenault, 133 K      = Mike Chenault , 927 K
  5. House Resources Committee Co-Chair, Representative Drew Scalzi, explains how HB 206 give the state an important tool in designing a limited entry program for Korean hair crab and weathervane scallop fisheries., 02-27-02
    = Drew Scalzi, 66 K      = Drew Scalzi , 459 K


  1. Representative Kevin Meyer explains his motivations for introducing HB 297. The bill passed the House unanimously Monday and would make the use of drugs or excessive alcohol to facilitate a sexual assault an aggravating factor that could bring more severe sentences to those convicted of such assaults., 02-22-02
    = Kevin Meyer, 55 K      = Kevin Meyer, 377 K


  1. Representative Gary Stevens explains his motivations for introducing HCR 20. The resolution establishes September 11th as a Day of Rememberace., 02-22-02
    = Gary Stevens, 55 K      = Gary Stevens, 381 K
  2. Rep. Stevens describes the kind of observation he would like to see on September 11th of this year., 02-22-02
    = Gary Stevens, 30 K      = Gary Stevens, 220 K


  1. House Rules Committee Chairman, Representative Pete Kott, explains why he introduced a resolution, HJR 37, honoring Alaska Airlines., 02-19-02
    = Pete Kott, 35 K      = Pete Kott, 242 K
  2. House Transportation Committee Chairman, Representative Vic Kohring, discusses the reasons he introduced HB 397. The measure changes state law so a drivers license is not required to drive a snowmachine., 02-19-02
    = Vic Kohring, 55 K      = Vic Kohring, 381 K

  3. Rep. Kohring comments on what prompted him to introduce HB 392. The bill requires government to pay private property owners who lose use of their land from government action., 02-19-02
    = Vic Kohring, 60 K      = Vic Kohring, 413 K

  4. Rep. Kohring gives an example of the kind of situation that his HB 392 would address., 02-19-02
    = Vic Kohring, 64 K      = Vic Kohring, 441 K


  1. House HESS Committee Chairman, Representative Fred Dyson, describe the details of his HB 243. The measure makes it harder for those charged with sexual abuse of a minor to claim ignorance of their victim's age., 02-13-02
    = Fred Dyson, 79 K      = Fred Dyson, 545 K
  2. House State Affairs Committee Chairman, Representative John Coghill, comments on the motivations he had for sponsoring HB 274. The bill would help Alaskans who were injured on the job by making it possible to get faster hearings on their worker's compensation claims., 02-13-02
    = John Coghill, 120 K      = John Coghill, 830 K


  1. Representative Vic Kohring expresses his disappointment in the Governor's recent tax proposals. He goes on to describe his proposal to address Alaska's budget problems., 02-11-02
    = Vic Kohring, 113 K      = Vic Kohring, 788 K
  2. Rep. Kohring describes the details of his fiscal plan., 02-11-02
    = Vic Kohring, 96 K      = Vic Kohring, 671 K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair explains where the House Finance Committee began in considering its operating budget bills for the next fiscal year. They hold the line on state spending and bypass the governor's proposal to meet state Alaska's current budget shortfalls with a 7 percent bigger budget., 02-11-02
    = Bill Williams, 38 K      = Bill Williams, 259 K


  1. Representative Lisa Murkowski's comments on the problem with railroad leases that inhibits commercial developoment of Alaska Railroad Land. Her measure that fixes this problem, HB 298, passed the House Friday., 02-08-02
    = Lisa Murkowski, 57 K      = Lisa Murkowski, 397 K
  2. Representative Kevin Meyer explains the reason behind his HB 291, which passed the House unanimously Friday. The measure lets contractors who pass their residential contractor's test apply for their license for up to a year, instead of just six months., 02-08-02
    = Kevin Meyer, 116 K      = Kevin Meyer, 806 K
  3. Representative Peggy Wilson describes the effect of her HB 245, which passed the House unanimously Friday. The bill modifies state laws regarding the board of family and marriage therapy., 02-08-02
    = Peggy Wilson, 59 K      = Peggy Wilson, 405 K
  4. House Judiciary Chairman, Representative Norman Rokeberg, details why he introduced HB 394. The measure repairs unworkable elements of a 1995 royalty incentive bill., 02-08-02
    = Norman Rokeberg, 96 K      = Norman Rokeberg, 665 K
  5. Rep. Rokeberg explains the economic need to revise the state's royalty incentive program., 02-08-02
    = Norman Rokeberg, 42 K      = Norman Rokeberg, 293 K


  1. Representative Fred Dyson explains how HB 349 would help the Legislature identify priorities in the state budget., 02-06-02
    = Fred Dyson, 78 K      = Fred Dyson, 543 K
  2. Rep. Dyson comments how HB 349 is an important tool in identifying potential areas to cut in state spending., 02-06-02
    = Fred Dyson, 48 K      = Fred Dyson, 332 K
  3. Rep. Dyson talks about how HB 349 respects and draws on each State Department's expertise in setting priorities., 02-06-02
    = Fred Dyson, 68 K      = Fred Dyson, 474 K
  4. House Rules Chairman, Representative Pete Kott, decribes the passage of HB 56 from the House Labor and Commerce Committee today. The bill raises the minimum wage in Alaska to $7.15/hour., 02-06-02
    = Pete Kott, 76 K      = Pete Kott, 530 K
  5. Rep. Kott relates how HB 56 substantially fulfills the goals of a petition to put a minimum wage law on the ballot., 02-06-02
    = Pete Kott, 76 K      = Pete Kott, 528 K


  1. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, describes the reasons for the benefits of the House's $6 million appropriation to help Alaska's tourism industry recover from low bookings after the September 11th attacks., 02-04-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 98 K      = Eldon Mulder, 683 K
  2. House Transportation Committee Chair, Representative Vic Kohring, expresses his dissatisfaction that some legislators are turning to taxes instead of budget cuts to address the state's fiscal gap., 02-04-02
    = Vic Kohring, 76 K      = Vic Kohring, 526 K
  3. Rep. Kohring makes some specific suggestions as to where the state could make cuts before the Legislature imposes taxes., 02-04-02
    = Vic Kohring, 54 K      = Vic Kohring, 375 K
  4. Rep. Kohring responds to recent public attention to his personal life outside of his legislative duties., 02-04-02
    = Vic Kohring, 85 K      = Vic Kohring, 590 K


  1. Senator Jerry Ward says Alaska should combine the Alaska Marine Highway System and the Alaska Railroad System in order to have functional operation of transportation in this State., 02-01-02
    = Jerry Ward, 20 K      = Jerry Ward, 153 K
  2. Senator Ward states that the Alaska Marine Highway System needs a land base to become self sufficient., 02-01-02
    = Jerry Ward, 53 K      = Jerry Ward, 419 K
  3. Senator Ward comments that the Alaska Railroad's real estate operations generate sufficient profit to offset the Alaska Marine Highway's shortfall., 02-01-02
    = Jerry Ward, 52 K      = Jerry Ward, 408 K

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