Alaska State Legislature
2001 Audio Clip Archive




  1. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, explains why HB 90, passed Wednesday by the House, is necessary to make a technical correction to a school bond debt reimbursement bill passed by the Legislature last year., 02-28-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 65 K
  2. House Resources Committee Co-Chair, Representative Drew Scalzi, explains the controversy over a biological opinion the National Marine Fisheries Service used last fall to justify cutting pollock fishing as a way to protect sea lions., 02-28-01
    = Drew Scalzi, 104 K
  3. Senator Pete Kelly describes his motivations for introducing legislation making it easier for families to go on hunting trips together. SB 72 passed the Senate Wednesday., 02-28-01
    = Pete Kelly, 66 K
  4. Senator Dave Donley defends his resolution on the Senate Floor Wednesday. The measure urges President George W. Bush to reverse the anti-gun-ownership policies of the Clinton administration., 02-28-01
    = Dave Donley, 102 K


  1. Senator Loren Leman explains the reason he introduced SB 121. The measure identifies when a design revision constitutes a "substantial change". This clarifies Alaska's Right-of-Way Leasing Act and assists the permitting process for a North Slope gas pipeline., 02-27-01
    = Loren Leman, 117 K
  2. Senator Alan Austerman describes the economic development made possible by the bridge being dedicated to former Senator Fred Zharoff., 02-27-01
    = Alan Austerman, 93 K
  3. Senator Jerry Ward defends his State high school diploma measure Tuesday. The bill, SB 120, would establish a State of Alaska high school diploma that would be issued to all students who meet the academic requirements established by the Dept. of Education., 02-27-01
    = Jerry Ward, 70 K
  4. Representative Mike Chenault describes the current situation on prisons in Alaska, why he wants to see a private prison in Alaska, and what his measure, HB 149, would accomplish., 02-27-01
    = Mike Chenault, 78 K
  5. Rep. Chenault explains the benefits a private prison would bring to Alaska and to the Kenai Peninsula Borough., 02-27-01
    = Mike Chenault, 67 K
  6. Represenative Pete Kott describes why he wants to memorialize veterans by designation a portion of Eagle River Road as "Eagle River Veterans' Memorial Highway., 02-27-01
    = Pete Kott, 35 K
  7. Rep. Kott comments that the memorial honors U.S. veterans in general and Alaska veterans in particular., 02-27-01
    = Pete Kott, 36 K


  1. Representative Jim Whitaker gives his reasons for introducing HB 118 on the floor of the House Monday. The measure allows municipalities more flexibility in accepting senior citizen's property tax exemption applications., 02-26-01
    = Jim Whitaker, 126 K
  2. Representative Kevin Meyer also explains why he supports Rep. Whitaker's HB 118., 02-26-01
    = Kevin Meyer, 62 K
  3. Rep. Whitaker gives a short explanation on the House floor of the problem he's trying to fix with HB 24. The bill would make raising revenue for tourism marketing easier for some boroughs and cities., 02-26-01
    = Jim Whitaker, 70 K
  4. Rep. Whitaker comments on the scope of the potential tourism taxes HB 24 addresses., 02-26-01
    = Jim Whitaker, 28 K


  1. Representative Lisa Murkowski, during her floor speech, explains that the measure she is defending would invite the U.S. Airforce to base F-22 Raptors at Elmendorf Airforce Base., 02-23-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 126 K
  2. Rep. Murkowski continues her comments by concluding the basing decision will be made some time in the future., 02-23-01
    = Lisa Murkowski, 53 K


  1. Senate Rules Chair, Senator Drue Pearce, describes the task force process her non-tanker oil spill measure went through before it passed the Senate on Thursday. The legisation would protect Alaska's environment from oil and gas spills created by non-tanker vessels., 02-22-01
    = Drue Pearce, 87 K


  1. Senator Frank Murkowski comments that Americans are getting the message that they need Alaska's resources., 02-21-01
    = Frank Murkowski, 39 K
  2. Senator Frank Murkowski maintains that Alaskans need to push in Washington as hard as they can., 02-21-01
    = Frank Murkowski, 30 K
  3. House State Affairs Committee Chair, Representative John Coghill, explains his motivations for introducing HB 109. The measure would protect voters against election worker mistakes., 02-21-01
    = John Coghill, 81 K
  4. House Education Committee Chair, Representative Con Bunde, talks about an overview held in Committee where Galena has successfully responded to the challenge of the high school competency tests., 02-21-01
    = Con Bunde, 38 K
  5. Rep. Bunde relates that Galena is an excellent role model for other schools in Alaska to follow., 02-21-01
    = Con Bunde, 25 K
  6. Rep. Bunde comments that if there is a delay in implimenting the high school competency tests there needs to be a clear plan for what the school district is going to do with that delay. Anything else is a disservice to students., 02-21-01
    = Con Bunde, 33 K


  1. Representative Fred Dyson comments on Alaska's mineral riches and the significance of an Alaska-Canada railroad link., 02-20-01
    = Fred Dyson, 64 K
  2. Rep. Dyson describes possible routes for Alaska-Canada rail links., 02-20-01
    = Fred Dyson, 65 K
  3. Representative Lesil McGuire talks about some possible funding sources for railroad corridor studies., 02-20-01
    = Lesil McGuire, 62 K
  4. Representative Jeannette James expresses why she believes Alaska needs a railroad link with Canada to spur new economic development., 02-20-01
    = Jeannette James, 45 K
  5. Rep. James describes how getting Canada to sign on to an international rail line task force is a critical next step in the process., 02-20-01
    = Jeannette James, 38 K
  6. Rep. James relates how federal funding would be used in the feasibility study., 02-20-01
    = Jeannette James, 43 K


  1. Representative Fred Dyson explains the intent of his measure, HB 16. The bill would create a local government option called the "Home Rule Community" similar to the second-class city, but based on a charter designed to meet that community's unique needs and desires., 02-15-01
    = Fred Dyson, 92 K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, explains why the "fast-track" supplemental budget bill was moved so fast., 02-16-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 64 K


  1. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Robin Taylor, explains some of the details of his measure, SB 94. The bill would improve the current foundation funding formula for public schools., 02-15-01
    = Robin Taylor, 96 K
  2. Senator Taylor continues with his explanation of SB 94 and how it would affect the State's foundation formula for K-12 education funding., 02-15-01
    = Robin Taylor, 96 K


  1. House Oil & Gas Committee Chair, Representative Scott Ogan, speaks on HJR 7 and describes how some oil development opponents mischaracterise the nature of the coastal plain., 02-14-01
    = Scott Ogan, 73 K
  2. House Resources Committee Co-Chair, Representative Beverly Masek, presents background explaining the history of Alaska's Native support for oil development in ANWR and development's lack of impact on Arctic Slope caribou., 02-14-01
    = Beverly Masek, 125 K
  3. House Judiciary Committee Chair, Representative Norman Rokeberg, explains why Alaska should get busy and consider building new roads to help economic development. Representative Rokeberg has introduced legislation creating a "Legislative Pioneer Road Development Task Force"., 02-14-01
    = Norman Rokeberg, 98 K
  4. Representative Jim Whitaker comments that a Pioneer Road Development Task Force is a way to move Alaska into the future., 02-14-01
    = Jim Whitaker, 27 K
  5. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, explains where new roads fit into a vision for Alaska's economic development., 02-14-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 103 K
  6. Senate Finance Committee Co-Chair, Senator Pete Kelly, explains what his measure, SB 90, does. The bill would create an office to assist naturalized citizens and citizen candidates., 02-14-01
    = Pete Kelly, 97 K


  1. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, explains that this budget includes some increases, but is largely a status quo budget., 02-13-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 55 K
  2. Rep. Mulder describes where the budget process stands now, and where it goes from here., 02-13-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 68 K
  3. Rep. Mulder comments that releasing budget allocations today makes for a smoother adjournment at the end of session., 02-13-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 62 K
  4. House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Bill Williams, observes the possibility that budget numbers released today will change throughout the process., 02-13-01
    = Bill Williams, 55 K
  5. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Pete Kelly, explains the idea behind his introduction of his measure, HB 86. The measure would allow people with a bachelor's degree to teach in the subject matter of their degree. It would also allow those with a bachelor's degree and five years work experience to teach in the subject matter of their experience., 02-13-01
    = Pete Kelly, 74 K


  1. Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Robin Taylor, explains why he introduced legislation (SB 84) to fine tune last year's sale of the four dam pool hydroelectric facilities., 02-12-01
    = Robin Taylor, 52 K
  2. House Rules Chair, Representative Pete Kott, comments that in 1999 Alaska had 14 avalanche related fatalities during his floor speech on SCR 1, Monday. The measure designates November as Avalance Awareness Month., 02-12-01
    = Pete Kott, 101 K


  1. Representative Lesil McGuire reflects upon the reasons she introduced legislation honoring "Juneteenth Day"., 02-09-01
    = Lesil McGuire, 60 K


  1. House Oil & Gas Committee Chair, Representative Scott Ogan, discusses Thursday's hearing. Representatives of three major North Slope gas owners told the House Oil & Gas Committee Thursday they are still evaluating whether a southern route along the Alaska Highway or a northern route across Canada's Arctic coast would be the most cost-effective way to bring Alaska's natural gas to Lower 48 markets. Rep. Ogan says the most significant thing that came to light out of today's hearing is the lack of a gas balancing agreement between the producers., 02-08-01
    = Scott Ogan, 50 K
  2. House Oil & Gas Committee member, Representative Hugh "Bud" Fate, discusses the major messages of Thursday's committee hearing between legislators and North Slope gas owners., 02-08-01
    = Hugh Fate, 39 K
  3. Rep. Fate comments that commercialization of Alaska's natural gas prospects will fundamentally change the social and economic structure of Alaska., 02-08-01
    = Hugh Fate, 30 K
  4. Senate Majority Leader, Senator Loren Leman, explains what his legislation, SJR 12, does during his floor speech Thursday. The measure asks Congress to eliminate the marriage tax penalty., 02-08-01
    = Loren Leman, 88 K
  5. Senator Jerry Ward defends his measure, SCR 2, to designate March as "Sobriety Awareness Month" during his floor speech Thursday., 02-08-01
    = Jerry Ward, 92 K
  6. Senator Leman, in his floor defense of SJR 9, explains that adversaries of the United State are developing weapons that can bypass our current defense system., 02-08-01
    = Loren Leman, 42 K
  7. Senator Leman talks about some of the nation's plans to base parts of the National Missile Defense system in Alaska., 02-08-01
    = Loren Leman, 80 K
  8. Senator Robin Taylor relates that Alaska was the first state in the nation to ask Congress and the President to defend it., 02-08-01
    = Robin Taylor, 63 K


  1. Senate Finance Commitee Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley, says the State of Alaska needs to do a pay equitity study. His measure, SB 65, requires the Department of Administration to identify instances in which the state is illegally paying women less than men., 02-06-01.
    = Dave Donley, 65 K
  2. Senator Donley relates the experiences of other states who have not conducted pay equity studies., 02-06-01.
    = Dave Donley, 56 K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, relates that to maintain fiscal discipline and avoid wrangling with the governor over dueling budgets, the House and Senate Finance Committees will use last year's management plan, their last point of agreement, as the basis for writing this year's budget., 02-05-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 72 K
  2. State Affairs Committee Chair, Representative John Coghill, relates the motivation for his HB 48. The bill frees outdoorsmen from the legal obligation to submit their Social Security numbers when applying for hunting and fishing licenses., 02-05-01
    = John Coghill, 53 K
  3. Health, Education, and Social Services Committee Chair, Representative Fred Dyson, observes that Alaska's Charter School statutes are the weakest in the nation., 02-05-01
    = Fred Dyson, 32 K
  4. Representative Dyson further explains that his legislation, HB 101, will give parents a chance to help direct self direct their children's education. He further relates that if the legislation fails it will demonstrate that several large school districts around the state are not interested in having parent directed schools., 02-05-01
    = Fred Dyson, 55 K
  5. University President Mark Hamilton told the joint House and Senate Finance committees Monday the Legislature's increased support have helped the University leverage millions in additional funds, attract and retain more top Alaska students and bring a critical boost to morale., 02-05-01
    = President Mark Hamilton, 73 K
  6. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley tells listeners that University President Mark Hamilton is attempting to correct past fiscal accountability problems within the University system., 02-05-01
    = Dave Donley, 31 K
  7. Senate Finance Co-Chair, Senator Dave Donley, defends his measure, SJR 6, and explains its actions during his floor speech on the measure, Monday. The Legislation urges Congress to give states greater control over the federal education dollars they receive., 02-05-01
    = Dave Donley, 70 K
  8. Senator Donley, describes the high cost of paperwork frustrations involved in complying with the federal education funding programs that SJR 6 seeks to simplify., 02-05-01
    = Dave Donley, 57 K
  9. Senate Majority Leader, Senator Loren Leman, comments on the recent Department of Defense directive done at former President Clinton's request that forbids locating polling places on military posts and bases., 02-05-01.
    = Loren Leman, 104 K
  10. Senator Leman's relates that his measure, SJR 8, requests the President and the Secretary of Defense overturn the DOD directive., 02-05-01.
    = Loren Leman, 51 K

# # #

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