Alaska State Legislature
2002 Audio Clip Archive




  • Representative John Coghill explains why he introduced HB 367 to tighten up eligibility for the Denali Kid Care program., 01-30-02
    = John Coghill, 79 K
  • Rep. Coghill talks about the rising costs of Medicare funding, and how much his HB 367 could save., 01-30-02
    = John Coghill, 89 K


  • Representative Fred Dyson relates his experience on the Anchorage Assembly where then Anchorage Mayor, Tony Knowles, and OMB Director, Annalee McConnell, prioritized budgets when he was mayor of Anchorage, and why he should do so now as governor of Alaska. Dyson has introduced House Bill 349 to achieve that end., 01-28-02
    = Fred Dyson, 129 K
  • Rep. Dyson describes the format of state budget requests., 01-28-02
    = Fred Dyson, 36 K


  • Representative Carl Morgan speaks on the House Floor explaining how his HB 285 can help unite Alaskans., 01-23-02
    = Carl Morgan, 111 K
  • House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, speaks on the House Floor expressing his hopes that a $1.1 million investment will pay off for Alaskans by helping to open ANWR for oil development., 01-23-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 73 K
  • Rep. Mulder explains why the the time is right for Alaska to make a strong push to open ANWR., 01-23-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 51 K


  • House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Representative Norman Rokeberg, describes that actions of HB 68. The bill makes it easier for inebriated bar patrons to take advantage of a barís offer to pay their cab fare home for them and their car., 01-22-02
    = Norman Rokeberg, 69 K
  • Rep. Rokeberg places HB 68 in context with the Republican Majorityís continuing efforts to address the problem of alcohol-impaired drivers on Alaska roads., 01-22-02
    = Norman Rokeberg, 38 K
  • House Finance Committee Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, comments on the passage today of HB 334, authorizing a $1 million appropriation to support the non-profit organization Arctic Power in its efforts to win Senate support for oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge., 01-22-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 76 K


  • Senate President, Senator Rick Halford, comments on the differences between the Governor's approach to the fiscal gap and the Republican-led Majority's approach., 01-16-02
    = Rick Halford, 40 K
  • Senate Finance Co-Chairman, Senator Dave Donley, discusses what other governors are doing in other states that also face looming budget shortfalls., 01-16-02
    = Dave Donley, 39 K
  • Sen. Donley states that he is encouraged to hear that the Governor has publicly stated he will work with the Legislature to find efficiencies. He further states that it is very unfortunate that Governor Knowles has instructed his Departments not to work with the Legislature., 01-16-02
    = Dave Donley, 27 K
  • House Speaker, Representative Brian Porter, comments that he would like to support every provision in the Governor's speech, but he can't. He feels most Alaskans want to curtail increased spending., 01-16-02
    = Brian Porter, 48 K
  • House Finance Co-Chairman, Representative Eldon Mulder, states that spending more money will not fix the budget deficit., 01-16-02
    = Eldon Mulder, 23 K

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