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  1. Representative Peggy Wilson comments that the Alaska House of Representatives spoke with one voice today in passing a resolution condemning former President Bill Clinton's surprise extension of a controversial roadless policy to the Tongass and Chugach National Forests., 01-31-01
    = Peggy Wilson, 49 K
  2. Representative Andrew Halcro explains that many communities in Alaska depend upon air travel as the only link to outside communities and that availability of insurance for air carriers impacts the ability of rural air travel., 01-31-01
    = Andrew Halcro, 48 K
  3. Representative Halcro further explains that the paucity of air carrier insurance coverage impacts all areas of the state by making commerce between urban and rural areas of the state more expensive and difficult to carry out., 01-31-01
    = Andrew Halcro, 49 K
  4. Senator Jerry Ward explains why he introduced SJR 11. His measure would mandate a vote of the people is taken before the permanent fund could be touched to pay for government services., 01-31-01
    = Jerry Ward, 82 K


  1. Senate Majority Leader, Senator Loren Leman, during his floor speech Tuesday explains that America's new F-22 fighter will be deployed to 5 bases around the country soon and that his measure would welcome an Airforce decision to base them at Elmendorf Airforce Base., 01-30-01
    = Loren Leman, 102 K


  1. Senator Alan Austerman, Chair of the Fish Caucus, says it his intent to first educate his fellow committee members on all the issues surrounding Alaska's many fisheries controversies., 01-26-01
    = Alan Austerman, 50 K
  2. Representative Gary Stevens explains the purpose behind the Fish Caucus., 01-26-01
    = Gary Stevens, 33 K
  3. Representative Stevens summarizes some of the issues likely to be deliberated over in Fish Caucus., 01-26-01
    = Gary Stevens, 81 K


  1. Senate Majority Leader, Senator Loren Leman, explains what his measure, SJR 5, does. The resolution urges the National Collegiate Athletic Association to preserve preseason basketball tournaments around the country, including the Great Alaska Shootout in Anchorage and the Top of the World Classic in Fairbanks., 01-25-01
    = Loren Leman, 81 K
  2. Senator Leman lists the benefits to Alaska's communities of hosting NCAA preseason basketball tournaments., 01-25-01
    = Loren Leman, 101 K
  3. Senator Lyda Green discusses her Avalanche Awareness Month legislation in her floor speech Thursday., 01-25-01
    = Lyda Green, 62 K


  1. Representative Lesil McGuire, House Economic Development, Trade and Tourism Committee Chair, comments on exiled Chinese democracy advocate Wei Jingsheng's presentation Wednesday to Alaskan legislators., 01-24-01
    = Lesil McGuire, 40 K
  2. Representative McGuire explains why human exiled Chinese democracy advocate Wei Jingsheng's message is important to Alaska trade., 01-24-01
    = Lesil McGuire, 24 K


  1. Chairman of the House Special Committee on Education, Representative Con Bunde, announces a Saturday public hearing on high school exit exam issues., 01-23-01
    = Con Bunde, 65 K
  2. Representative Bunde describes the original reasoning behind passage of the high school exit exam legislation., 01-23-01
    = Con Bunde, 56 K
  3. Representative Bunde briefly explains the reasons for the exit exams., 01-23-01
    = Con Bunde, 15 K
  4. Representative Bunde comments that Saturday's testimony will help the legislature make its decision on whether to delay implimentation of the tests or not., 01-23-01
    = Con Bunde, 23 K


  1. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, speaks out against court opinions that could force the state to pay about $30 million in refunds and interest to non-resident commercial fishermen., 01-22-01
    = Eldon Mulder, 76 K


  1. Oil & Gas Committee Chairman, Representative Scott Ogan, talks about potential gas line routes., 01-19-01
    = Scott Ogan, 45 K
  2. Representative Ogan states that any future gas pipeline must include capacity for future uses like spurs to Anchorage or Valdez., 01-19-01
    = Scott Ogan, 48 K
  3. Representative Ogan discusses the public safety effects his proposed uniform bar closing time measure will have., 01-19-01
    = Scott Ogan, 46 K
  4. Representative Ogan continues his public safety effect comments., 01-19-01
    = Scott Ogan, 49 K


  1. Senator Gary Wilken comments on his education funding bill, SB 48, and explains what he hopes to accomplish with it., 01-18-01
    = Gary Wilken, 66 K
  2. Senator Wilken explains why he introduced his education funding bill, SB 48, and why he believes all Alaskans should contribute to their children's education funding., 01-18-01
    = Gary Wilken, 65 K


  1. Representative Con Bunde questions the logic behind recommendations to revise the state education funding formula contained in the Senate Bill 36 follow-up report., 01-16-01
    = Con Bunde, 86 K
  2. Newly Appointed Ethics Committee member, Representative Joe Green comments on the need for public trust in the integrity of the Legislature., 01-16-01
    = Joe Green, 44 K
  3. Representative Scott Ogan explains why he and Representative Beverly Masek introduced House Joint Resolution 7 Tuesday, calling for Congress to pass legislation to open the Arctic coastal plan to oil and gas development., 01-16-01
    = Scott Ogan, 39 K
  4. Senator Jerry Ward comments on his proposed legislation that would create a bridge building authority., 01-16-01
    = Jerry Ward, 79 K
  5. Senator Jerry Ward talks about potential funding sources for his Knik Arm Bridge proposal., 01-16-01
    = Jerry Ward, 54 K


  1. Senator Resources Committee Chair, Senator John Torgerson, comments that Alaskans and Americans received great news Wednesday when President Clinton announced he will not seek National Monument Status for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge under the 1906 Antiquities Act., 01-10-01
    = John Torgerson, 54 K
  2. Senate President Rick Halford responds to the governor's State of the State address.
    = Rick Halford, 77 K
  3. Sen. Dave Donley, co-chair of the Senate Finance Committee, cites legislative analysts who say the governor is understating the actual size of his intended spending hike.
    = Dave Donley, 52 K
  4. Senate Majority Leader Sen. Loren Leman relates the Republican Majority's record of legislative support for resource development in general, and a natural gas pipeline in particular.
    = Loren Leman, 60 K
  5. House Oil and Gas Committee Chairman, Representative Scott Ogan, explains Alaskans and Americans prevented years of unneccessary litigation now that President Clinton has announced he will not seek National Monument Status for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge under the 1906 Antiquities Act., 01-10-01.
    = Scott Ogan, 69 K
  6. Rep. Eldon Mulder, co-chair of the House Finance Committee, discusses the state use of "missions and measures" to make sure state government deliver the biggest bang for the buck.
    = Eldon Mulder, 53 K
  7. Rep. Mulder describes some of the elements surrounding the development of a long-range fiscal plan.
    = Eldon Mulder, 47 K
  8. House Speaker Rep. Brian Porter discusses the Legislature's intentions for a natural gas pipeline.
    = Brian Porter, 39 K
  9. Speaker Porter poses a critical question in the debate over whether or not Alaskans should accept delays in the effective date of state high school competency tests.
    = Brian Porter, 32 K


  1. Speaker of the House, Representative Brian Porter, comments on the make-up of the House and its prospects for completing the State's business.
    = Brian Porter, 51 K
  2. House Majority Leader, Representative Jeannette James, discusses her hope for a productive and cooperative session.
    = Jeanneatte James, 30 K
  3. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Eldon Mulder, describes the Finance Committee's first tasks.
    = Eldon Mulder, 43 K
  4. House Finance Co-Chair, Representative Bill Williams, talks about the geographical representation on the House Finance Committee.
    = Bill Williams, 42 K

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