Senator Tim Kelly
District K - Republican (East Anchorage)


State Capitol, Room 101
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
Phone: (907) 465-3822
Fax: (907) 465-3756


716 W 4th, Suite 400
Anchorage, AK 99501-2133
Phone: (907) 258-8180
Fax: (907) 258-4524

Elected to the House 1976
Elected to the Senate 1978, 1982, 1986, 1992, 1996


Date/Place of Birth: 8/15/44; Sacramento, CA
Occupation: Senior Vice President, City Mortgage Corportation, 1981-present
Spouse: Lisa Nelson
Children: Ingrid, Theodore
Residency in Alaska: 26 years; Anchorage
Education: High School - Sacramento High, 1962; College - Course Work, SCC, C/R/AMU/UAA.
Military Service: United States Marine Corps Reserve; Alaska Air Na tional Guard, 12 years, Alaska Disaster Ribbon.
Political and Government Positions: Senate President, 1989-90; State Senator 1979-present; State Representative 1977-78; National Conference of State Legislatures; American Legislative Exchange Council; Chair, Rules, 1981-82, 1985-86, 1997-1998;Labor and Commerce, 1987-88 & 1993-96; Property Taxation, Electoral Reform; Legislative Aide, California and Nevada; Alaska Voter Registrar.
Business and Professional Positions: Alaska Mortgage Bankers Association; Association of the U.S. Army; Navy and Marine Corps Leagues.
Service Organization(s) Membership: Alaska Historical Preservation Society; Eagle River Elks Club; AMVETS; Anchorage Golf Association; Coalition of Alaska Veterans; Sons of Norway.
Special Interests: Fishing, Civil War, Arctic Whaling Fleet 1870-1900,
Captain James Cook, political and military history.

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Press Releases

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Deferred Maintenance Task Force

DMTF Bills:

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Prime Sponsor of the following legislation

SB 81: An Act relating to immunization records for children under the age of seven. (Sponsored by request) ~
SB 144: An Act providing for the issuance of general obligation bonds in the amount of $38,800,000 for the purpose of paying the cost of design and construction of a library at the University of Alaska, Anchorage; and providing for an effective date. ~
SB 176: Withdrawn by Sponsor An Act relating to worker's compensation coverage for certain high school students in uncompensated work-study programs.
SB 215: Withdrawn by Sponsor An Act exempting certain seasonal employees of recreational residential youth camps from minimum wage and overtime wage requirements
SB 255: An Act establishing the Joint Committee on Military Bases in Alaska; and providing for an effective date.
SJR 21: Proposing amendments to the Constitution of the State of Alaska relating to the public facilities capital fund, the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, and to appropriations from the constitutional budget reserve fund to the public facilities capital fund.
Sponsor Statement | Talking Points |
SJR 22: Inviting the United States Department of Defense to select Alaska as the site to base and train military troops.
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Co-Sponsor of the following legislation

HB 16: Relating to delinquent minors, to the taking of action based on the alleged criminal misconduct of ceratin minors, to the services to be provided to the victims of criminal misconduct of minors, and to agency records involving minors alleged to be delinquent based on their criminal misconduct; and amending Rule 19 and repealing Rules 6, 7, 11(a), 12(a), and 21(f), Alaska Delinquency Rules.
HB 58: An Act relating to civil actions; amending Rules 49 and 68, Alaska Rules of Civil Procedure; amending Rule 702, Alaska Rules of Evidence, and providing fo ran effective date.
HB 69: An Act relating to designating flunitrazepam as a schedule IA controlled substance; and providing for an effective date.
HB 203: An Act relating to actions for unlawful trade practices.
HB 206: An Act relating to credit under the Public Employees' Retirement System for service as a village public safety officer.
HB 261: An Act relating to a surcharge imposed for violations of state or municipal law and to the Alaska police training fund.
HB 303: An Act extending the termination date of the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; and providing for an effective date.
HB 309: An Act naming the Robert B. Atwood Building.
HB 334: An Act relating to wavier of tuition and fees for certain family members of a police officer killed in the line of duty; and providing for an effective date.
HB 387: An Act relating to dentists.
HB 395: An Act relating to civil liability resulting from the use of a defibrillator in providing emergency aid.
HB 451: An Act relating to assistive technology devices and mobility aids for physically disabled persons.
HCR 1: Relating to a new Alaska Liquefied natural gas project.
HJR 12: Urging the Secretary of the interior to conduct competitive oil and gas lease sales within the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.
HJR 16: Relating to a federal balanced budget amendment.
HJR 29: Supporting an increase in federal funding for prostate cancer research.
HJR 49: Relating to opposition to a moratorium on the building of roads in the roadless areas of national forests.
HJR 52: Relating to opposition to the designation of any rivers in Alaska as American Heritage Rivers under the American Heritage Rivers initiative.
HJR 53: Relating to support for federal legislation providing for the continuation of the University of Alaska by the conveyance of federal land to the university.
SB 1: Relating to living and working conditions of prisoners in correctional facilities operated by the state, and authorizing the commissioner of corrections to negotiate with providers of detention and confinement services under contract to apply those conditions and limitations on services to persons held under authority of state law at facilities operated under contract or agreement; relating to services provided to prisoners; amending the definition of "severely medically disabled" applicable to prisoners seeking special medical parole; amending provisions of the correctional industries program; and extending the termination date of the Correctional Industries Commission and the program.
SB 4: Relating, for purposes of eligibility for a permanent fund dividend, to an absence from the state while on an unpaid sabbatical under the longevity bonus program; and providing for an effective date.
SB 14: An Act relating to insurance covering an insured who is a victim of domestic violence and requiring certain disclosures by an insurer.
SB 39: An Act relating to hazardous chemicals, hazardous materials, and hazardous waste.
SB 63: An Act providing for automatic waiver of juvenile jurisdiction and prosecution of minors as adults for certain violations of laws by minors who use deadly weapons to commit offenses that are crimes against a person, and relating to the sealing of the records of those minors.
SB 67: An Act relating to the imposition of criminal sentences; and amending Rule 32.2, Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure.
SB 70: An Act defining the offenses of unlawful discharge of a firearm; and relating to the commission of those offenses by minors.
SB 77: An Act relating to the Alaska Day of Prayer.
SB 84: An Act relating to fiscal management of endowment assets of the University of Alaska; amending the definition of "university receipts" to include distribution from university endowments and the total return from the University of Alaska's endowment trust fund for land obtained under the Act of Congress of January 21, 1929, as amended, and transferring responsibility for management and investment of those assets; and making technical amendments to provisions relating to federal grants and appropriations from federal land grant college fund sources that must be paid to the state.
SB 94: An Act relating to designating flunitrazepam as a schedule IVA controlled substance; and providing for an effective date.
SB 110: An Act relating to licensure of landscape architects.
SB 159: An Act relating to the new business incentive program.
SB 164: An Act relating to the authority of an emergency medical technician at the scene of an accident or emergency.
SB 175: An Act relating to revenue bonds issued by the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority for interties between Healy and Fairbanks and between Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula; and providing for an effective date.
SB 192: An Act relating to maintenance of state marine vessels; and providing for an effective date.
SB 210: An Act relating to electronic deposit of workers' compensation benefits.
SB 214: An Act relating to the possession of a concealed deadly weapon by peace officers and chief administrative officers of local police departments; to the definition of police officer as it is defined for police standards; and providing for an effective date.
SB 218: An Act relating to the crime of murder and to murder of children.
SB 242: An Act providing for the forfeiture of good time sentence credits of sex offenders who fail to successfully complete sex offender treatment programs.
SB 261: An Act relating to the Special Olympics World Winter Games to be held in Anchorage in the year 2001; establishing a reserve fund for the games; providing certain duties and authority for the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority regarding financing for those games; and providing for an effective date.
SB 265: An Act designating the moose as the state land mammal.
SB 304: An Act relating to regulation of highways and motor vehicles; and providing for an effective date.
SB 307: An Act relating to conditions for filling vacancies in the office of United States senator; and providing for an effective date.
SB 323: An Act relating to sexual offenses, to those who commit sexual offenses, and to registration of sex offenders; Amending Rule 6(r)(2), Alaska Rules of Criminal Procedure; and providing for an effective date.
SCR 11: Creating the Long-Term Care Task Force.
SCR 21: Relating to declaring March 1998 as Sobriety Awareness Month.
SCR 22: Relating to promotion of Kids Voting Alaska programs.
SJR 3: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Alaska limiting the rights of prisoners to those required under the Constitution of the United States.
SJR 7: Supporting continued funding of the Alaska National Guard Youth Corps Challenge Program.
SJR 9: Urging the United States Congress to pass legislation to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, to oil and gas exploration, development, and production.
SJR 19: Relating to naming Anchorage as the location of the 2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games.
SR 1: Relating to compensation of Holocaust victims and survivors, their heirs, and Jewish communities by the government of Switzerland and the Swiss banking industry.

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