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Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature
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Alaska State Legislature
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Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature
23rd Alaska State Legislature
24th Alaska State Legislature
The 24th Alaska State Legislature
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23rd Alaska State Legislature

12-29-06: Same Sex Benefits

11-14-06: Clear the Air, then Solve Pension Crisis

10-26-06: Proposition One

10-26-06: PERS/TRS Only Gets Worse If We Do Nothing

09-12-06: 90 Day Session is Better

08-24-06: Legislature did a Great Job Working Through the Intricacies of Oil Taxes

08-16-06: Ballot Measure 2 - Cruise Ship Tax

07-28-06: Setting the Record Straight

07-19-06: Private Property Rights Under Siege

07-14-06: Alaskans Locked Out of Construction Jobs

07-07-06: State, Especially Rural Areas, Can't Afford to Wait on Oil Tax

06-21-06: A Report to Mat-Su Residents

06-05-06: A 90-Day Legislature!

05-27-06: POMV Makes Sense

05-21-06: Constituencies Will Want to Know Why Oil Tax Revenue was Left on the Table

05-16-06: Effort to Understand Amendments was Mistaken for Hewing to a Plan

04-23-06: A Warning to Alaskans

04-12-06: Knik Arm Bridge Profoundly Affects the Mat-Su

04-12-06: Crowded Mat-Su Schools Need Bonds

04-10-06: It's Time to Help Prevent Identity Theft and Protect Our Data

04-07-06: Health Care Monopolies Serve No One

04-03-06: Sex Offender Bill Reflects Alaska's Values

04-04-06: Major Upgrade of Palmer-Wasilla Highway a Must

03-28-06: Balance - New Oil Tax System

03-24-06: Time Right to Move Legislature to Mat-Su

03-21-06: State Must Focus on Oil Tax
Changing Oil, Gas Tax Structure Most Important Issue Since Oil Found on Slope

03-20-06: Keep Aid to Municipal Governments Limited to Basics

03-15-06: Protecting Gun Rights Vital to Alaskans

03-04-06: Next Alaskan Generations will Reap Billions

03-03-06: Criminal DNA Database Expansion Working In Alaska

03-02-06: Media Reporting of Per Diem Scandalous

02-27-06: PERS/TRS

02-26-06: The Vietnam ''Moving Wall''

02-24-06: Tax Increases the Wrong Approach

02-17-06: Mayor Anderson's School Bond Vote Veto

02-17-06: Alaska's Seniors Deserve Support

02-15-06: Laws Can Shield Seniors From Fraud

02-14-06: Is Change Needed for State's System of Taxing Oil and Gas?

02-13-06: Legislation Makes Ethics Process Work

02-08-06: A Tale of Two Bridges

02-06-06: What's Next? Government to Tie Our Shoes for Us?

02-03-06: Knik Arm Crossing Will benefit Entire State

02-03-06: 2nd Session Convenes

01-29-06: Limit Priorities to Basics

01-27-06: Liberty and Freedom - My Inspiration

01-14-06: Budget Discipline Vital

01-11-06: Spending Reductions a Must

12-13-05: Another Quirky Commentary by Andrew Halcro is as Unproductive and Full of Hot Air as His Tenure in the Legislature

12-12-05: Alaska has to Define Eminent Domain

11-30-05: New Roads on the the North Slope

11-25-05: Hard Choices Await 2006 Legislature

11-23-05: Tolerance is Foreign to 'Christophobes'

11-22-05: Be Wary Of Skewed Opinion Polls

11-21-05: Legislature Hires Experts for Gas Line Vote

10-27-05: Legislature's Special Session Full of Successes Paper Did Not Mention

09-14-05: It is Better to be Prepared

08-27-05: Legislators Responded to Education Needs

08-21-05: Daily News Editors Once Again Send Their Readers Down a Dead End Street

10-18-05: Land Use Laws Must Fit Alaskans, Not Lower 48 Sensibilities
Zoning and Codes Mustn't Trump Freedom

08-04-05: Fixing Pension Called For Bold Steps

07-01-05: There They Go Again
Media Unfairly Portrays Legislature

06-30-05: Providing for Alaska: Capital Budget Works for Alaskans

06-30-05: Twenty-five Years of ANILCA

06-09-05: Road Projects Get the Green Light

05-05-05: Former Governor Wrong to Promote Income Tax and Permanent Fund Spending

05-02-05: Reject High Property Taxes

04-20-05: Quarterly Dividend Program

04-18-05: Funding Alaska's Education Infrastructure

04-07-05: Pope John Paul II, a Rememberance

04-04-05: Response to Dorothy Wells' Comments to My Guest Opinions
Rep. Kelly's Thoughts on the PERS/TRS Funding Issue

03-25-05: A Shrine to Politicians

03-24-05: Government as Nanny, Coach and Teacher

03-22-05: A Better Place

03-22-05: The PERS/TRS Debate Rages During the 24th Alaska Legislature

03-21-05: Alaskans Will Reap Benefits if Prepared

03-15-05: Legislative Hall Competition

03-05-05: Recent Oil Tax Hike Hurting Alaska's Economy

02-21-05: The Gun Ban Sunset
Requiescent in Pace

02-08-05: Move the State's Capital Away from Juneau and Here to Southcentral

02-07-05: A History of the Development of the Healy Clean Coal Project and other Related Items of Interest Pertaining to Railbelt Energy Utilities
A Briefing Paper

02-05-05: State Retirement System Needs Help

01-25-05: Additional Taxes on Alaska’s Oil Industry Not the Solution

01-24-05: Extending Dowling is a Better Fix

01-18-05: The Coming PERS/TRS Funding Crisis

12-17-04: Preparing a Bright Future for Alaskans

11-26-04: Capitol Site in Mat-Su Makes Sense

10-08-04: Truth Twisted By Knaves

10-08-04: Lake Otis And Tudor Solutions Encouraged

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Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature

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Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature
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