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Alaska State Legislature
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23rd Alaska State Legislature
The 23rd Alaska State Legislature
2003 Press Release Archive Alaska State Legislature

23rd Alaska State Legislature
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June - December Alaska State Legislature

12-24-03: Legislation Proposed for State to Buy Back Shallow Natural Gas Leases in the Homer Area

12-16-03: Office of Victims' Rights and House Majority Members to Introduce Key Crime Legislation Package

12-16-03: Ways and Means Committee to Hold Wrap-up of Interim Public Meeting Tour

12-05-03: Majority Makes Committee Changes
Makes Room For Sen. Bert Stedman

12-04-03: Kott Swears In Stepovich
Legislators Shuffle Committee Assignments

12-03-03: Kott Speaks To Eagle River Chamber
Resources, Resources, Resources

11-21-03: McGuire Overviews No Child Left Behind Act

11-20-03: Bert Stedman Sworn In As Alaska's Newest Senator

11-19-03: Concerns Go Out for Missing Tetlin Elder

11-14-03: Bert Stedman Joins Alaska Senate
Replaces Robin Taylor in Senate Seat A

11-13-03: Anchorage Caucus to Meet on UAA Campus

11-13-03: Rep. Lesil Mcguire and Bayshore Elementary PTA Host "No Child Left Behind" Community Forum

11-12-03: Nation Riveted by Terri Schiavo Drama

11-07-03: Gaming Alternatives Merit Consideration

10-31-03: Anderson Selected Chair of NCSL Labor and Workforce Development Committee

10-28-03: Rep. Lesil Mcguire Named to Leadership Post with the Council of State Governments-West

10-28-03: House Judiciary Committee to Hold Public Hearings on HJR's 4 & 9

10-27-03: Joint HESS Committee Hearings about Dept. of Health & Social Service Issues

10-27-03: Hearing on Alaska's Railbelt Electrical System

10-25-03: Legislation Proposed to Strengthen Protection of Property Rights and Water Supplies
''Property Rights Protection Act'' and ''Water Supply Protection Act'' to be filed

10-24-03: Rep. McGuire Issues Strongly Worded Statement to Department Encouraging "Buy Alaska."

10-23-03: Senate Majority Meets Governor's District A Appointee

10-22-03: Your Voice is Welcomed
Be Heard When it Comes to the State's Health and Social Service Department

10-20-03: Ways and Means Committee Hears Kodiak Concerns
Rep. Ogg Calls Meeting a Success

10-01-03: Rep. Fate Reemphasizes the Importance of Continuing Alaska's No-Call List Legislation

09-17-03: Update on the Latest Call For a Special Session

09-16-03: Senator Scott Ogan Outlines Conditions for Special Session on Gas Line

09-15-03: Salmon Task Force Reorganizes and Adds New Members

09-11-03: Article VIII of the Alaska Constitution

09-10-03: Automatic Information System to be New Requirement for Watercraft

09-08-03: Alaska Energy Policy Task Force to Meet
Newly Appointed Task Force will Convene its First Meeting Sept 23rd

09-02-03: Alaska DOT's Improvement Program Draft Has Been Published
Comments are Due by September 19, 2003

09-02-03: Ogan's Commitment to his Constituents

09-02-03: Joint Legislative Salmon Industry Task Force to Hold Organizational Meetings

08-29-03: Rep. Paul Seaton Presents Citations
Honors Kachemak Emergency Services and the Life of Scott Cunningham

08-28-03: Three Programs Offer Salmon Fishermen a Variety of Monetary Benefits and Retraining Options

08-27-03: Fiber Optics for the Kodiak and Kenai Area?
Budget and Scoping Meeting on Friday in Anchorage

08-20-03: Federal Trade Adjustment Assistance Application Deadline for Alaskan Fishermen

08-19-03: Rep. Dan Ogg Announces Assistance for Fishermen
Deadline to Apply for Compensation is August 31, 2003

08-12-03: Locals Communities to Problem-Solve About District 35's Homeless Youth Population

08-08-03: Murkowski Appoints Sen. Taylor to New Position
Requires a MP3 Player = Robin Taylor
583 K
Requires a MP3 Player = Robin Taylor
854 K
Requires a MP3 Player = Robin Taylor
569 K
Requires a MP3 Player = Robin Taylor
591 K

07-11-03: Leadership to Conduct Poll for Special Session on Longevity Bonus
Other Programs, Lack of Three-Quarters Vote Make Special Session Unnecessary

07-11-03: LBA Helps Seniors, Releases Veterans Home Study

06-27-03: National Do-Not Call Registry Leads to Revisions of Proposed Alaska No-Call List

06-18-03: Governor Approves Removal of Chitina Dipnet Fee
Fishers Not Likely to Trespass on Private Land; Fee Not Necessary
Requires Real Audio Player = John Coghill
78 K
Requires Real an MP3 Player = John Coghill
543 K

06-13-03: Governor Approves Expanding DNA Database
All Felons, Sexual Offenders Must Submit Samples
Requires Real Audio Player = Tom Anderson
27 K
Requires Real an MP3 Player = Tom Anderson
186 K

06-13-03: Governor Signs Bipartisan Stalking Protection
House Bill 1 Closes a Dangerous Loophole in Alaska' Anti-Stalking Laws
Requires Real Audio Player = Cheryll Heinze
19 K
Requires an MP3 Player = Cheryll Heinze
130 K

06-11-03: Governor Approves Definition of Organic Produce
Aligns with Federal Requirements, Saves Farmers Money

06-11-03: Governor Approves Handgun Law Clarification
Change Provides Permit Recognition by Other States

06-11-03: Marginal Fields Get Second Chance at Life
House Bill 28 Encourages More Oil and Gas Production

06-11-03: Gas Pipeline Moves a Major Step Closer
Kohring's HB 267 authorizes $17 billion to build line

06-11-03: Media Advisory

06-06-03: New Coal Bed Gas Law to Benefit Mat-Su
Kohring's House Bill 69 Signed by Governor Murkowski

06-05-03: Legislative Leaders Take Stand For Park Access
Letter of Protest Sent to National Parks Service Over Restricted Denali Access

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