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23rd Alaska State Legislature
The 23rd Alaska State Legislature
2004 Press Release Archive Alaska State Legislature

23rd Alaska State Legislature
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April Alaska State Legislature

04-30-04: House Passes Child Endangerment Legislation

04-29-04: House Passes Third Bill in Long-Term Fiscal Plan

04-29-04: Senate Transportation OKs RR Bonds for Extension
Up To $500 Million To Extend A Rail Line To Delta Jct And Fort Greely

04-29-04: Finance Sends Supplemental to Full Senate
Bill Funds Medicaid, Natural Gas Pipeline Work

04-29-04: Senate Passes Gatto's Arson Legislation
Victims of Arson Will Be Eligible for Compensation

04-29-04: Ogan Amendment Strengthens Gun Rights
Senate Approves Change To Homeland Security Bill

04-28-04: House Passes Bill to Establish Citizenship Office

04-28-04: Weyhrauch Planning To Attend Conference Of Alaskans

04-27-04: House Passes POMV Method for the Permanent Fund
Historic Vote on HJR 26 was Preceeded by Passionate Debate

04-26-04: House Moves Closer to Long-Term Fiscal Plan
Takes POMV to the Voters

04-26-04: Interior Secretary Briefed on Alaska Land Issues
Legislators Highlight Concerns Unique to the State

04-23-04: Legislative Ethics Committee Upholds Sen. Ogan's Actions
Advisory Opinion Casts Doubts on Validity of Accusations
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04-23-04: House Approves Remote Cabin Bill

04-23-04: Intellectual Property Bill Signed

04-22-04: Interior Delegation Reacts to NAEC Appeal
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04-22-04: House Finance Committee Passes Bill To Protect Environment, Support Timber Industry
HB 546 Puts Alaskans in Charge of Wastewater Permitting for Timber

04-21-04: Governor Signs Victims' Rights Package Into Law
Lawmakers Provide Needed Protections for Victims

04-21-03: House Calls on Congress to Fix Social Security Benefits for Alaskans

04-20-04: Senate Finance Passes Operating Budget
Meets Parameters Set by Governor

04-20-04: No Call List Closer to Becoming Law

04-19-04: Remote Cabin Bill Heads to House Floor

04-19-04: House Increases Penalties for Child Pornography
HB 334 Increases the Criminal Penalty for Unlawful Exploitation of a Minor, Distribution of Child Pornography

04-19-04: Rep. Ogg's Trade Adjustment Assistance Resolution Passes Senate
Resolution Supporting Assistance for Salmon Fishermen Heads to Governor for Signature

04-17-04: Senator Gene Therriault Selected as 2004 Toll Fellow
''Intellectual Boot Camp'' Provides Insights for Government Leaders
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04-16-04: Seekins Offers Bill to Help Fund Legal Services
SB 388 Would Aid Low-Income Alaskans
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04-14-04: Senator Gary Stevens Doing Fine
Plans to be Back on Senate Floor Monday

04-14-04: Homeland Security Topic of Upcoming Hearing
Media Advisory

04-08-04: Samuels' Bill Becomes Law
Fishing Exceptions for Minors Signed by Governor

04-08-04: House Restores Parks Funding
Wilson Cosponsors Successful Amendment

04-08-04: House Passes Legislature Endorses Fisheries Education Programs
SCR 19 First Salmon Industry Task Force Measure to Pass

04-07-04: House Passes Consumer Protection Bill
HB 339 Protects Consumers From Fraudulent Marketing Practices

04-07-04: House Passes Youth Vote Ambassador Program
Program Will Help Foster Interest In The Political Process

04-06-04: Alaska House Passes Operating Budget

04-06-04: Help for Small Miners

04-05-04: House Restores State Park Funding
Amendment To Operating Budget Restores State Park Funding

04-05-04: Senate Unanimously Approves Limitations on Construction Defect Claims
Awards Limited To Actual Cost Of Repair And Other Closely Related Costs

04-04-04: Senate Finance to Take First Step in Fiscal Plan
Expected to Send Appropriation Limit to the Floor

04-02-04: Potential New Income for University Passes Senate

04-01-04: Senate Asks House to Reconsider Education Package
Funding Bill Could Go To Conference Committee

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