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Alaska State Legislature
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23rd Alaska State Legislature
The 23rd Alaska State Legislature
2004 Press Release Archive Alaska State Legislature

23rd Alaska State Legislature
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March Alaska State Legislature

03-31-04: House Strengthens Child Support Laws

03-31-04: House Passes Lifesaving Carbon Monoxide Detector Bill

03-30-04: Williams Secures $40 Million for the Marine Highway
$8 Million Increase For Vessel Operations

03-27-04: House Acts to Deter Underage Access to Alcohol
HB 428 Provides Civil Penalty for Adults Who Buy; Kids that Solicit

03-26-04: Senate Passes Bill to Stop Double Taxation
SB 300 Clarifies Responsibility for Court Awarded Fees

03-24-04: Senate Offers Education Funding Compromise
Bill Would Fund Top Priority Education Capital Projects

03-24-04: Miners Bill Moves Through Senate Committee

03-19-04: Sen. Stedman to Address AMHS Move During Ketchikan Visit

03-22-04: Stevens Offers Permanent Fund Change
Bill Would Boost Constitutional Budget Reserve.

03-19-04: Senate Seeks to Resolve Education Funding Impasse
Senate Bill 35 Goes Back To Senate Finance Committee
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03-19-04: Youth Courts Benefit from Bill
Senate State Affairs moves SB 292

03-19-03: Samuels' Bill Passes Senate
Fishing Exceptions For Minors Heads To Governor For Signature

03-18-04: Senator Lyda Green Reaffirms Her Commitment to Fixing the Exit Exam

03-17-04: Legislators Take Alaska Issues to Energy Council
Annual Conference Keeps Natural Gas In Spotlight
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03-17-04: Rep. Ogg Drafts Resolution Supporting Sea otter Research
Resolution Requests $25 Million for Kodiak-Centered Research Efforts

03-16-04: Anchorage Senator Offers AMATS Compromise
Senate Bill 260 Would Now Add Two Public Members

03-11-04: Senate Finance Sets Hearing Schedule
Committee to Consider Conference Recommendations
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03-11-04: Committee Approves Masters, Mates and Pilots Contract
State Affairs Forwards SB 346 to Finance

03-09-04: House Finance Committee Leaders Tour Southeast Infrastructure Needs

03-09-04: HB 233 Passes House
Wilson's Bill Clears the House Unanimously

03-08-04: House Passes Bipartisan Education Funding

03-08-04: Soon You May Choose The Site Of Your Remote Cabin

03-08-04: Expanded Research At UA Closer

03-08-04: Keeping Their Claims

03-05-04: Senate President Reinforces Education Commitment
Majority Leader Responds To SB 35 Floor Amendments

03-05-04: House Passes Real Estate Transaction Bill

03-05-04: Republicans Respond to School District S.O.S.

03-05-04: Coghill Legislator of The Year
Alaska Outdoor Council Recognizes Majority Leader

03-05-04: Gatto & Stoltze To Hold Joint Town Hall Meeting

03-04-04: Senate Finance Seeks $88 Million Education Increase
FY05 Retirement Systems Funding Included
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03-04-04: House Passes Legislation On Peace Officer Retirement Benefits

03-03-04: House Passes Final Victims' Rights Package Bill

03-03-04: State Enforcement of No Call List Moves to Senate

03-03-04: Senate Stands Up for Alaska's Land Rights
Legislation Asserts Ownership of State's Navigable Waters

03-03-04: Senate Approves Flint Hills Resources Contract
State Will Sell up to 77,000 Barrels per Day

03-02-04: Miners Won't Lose Claims When Filing Late

03-02-04: House Special Committee on Military & Veteran's Affair to Hear Pioneer's and Veteran's Homes Measure
Media Advisory

03-02-04: State Affairs Committee to Hold Hearing on HJR 31

03-01-04: Criminal Restitution Bill Passes House

03-01-04: Stoltze Brings Local Talent to Juneau

03-01-04: House Passes CSED Name Change

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Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature

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