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Alaska State Legislature
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Alaska State Legislature
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23rd Alaska State Legislature
The 23rd Alaska State Legislature
2004 Press Release Archive Alaska State Legislature

23rd Alaska State Legislature
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February Alaska State Legislature

02-29-04: Senate Takes Up K-12 Education Funding
Discussion Will Also Include PERS/TRS
Requires Real Audio Player = Lyda Green
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02-28-04: Omnibus Child Support Passes Out of Judiciary

02-27-04: Taxicab Exemption Bill Passes House

02-27-04: Senate Judiciary Moves Permanent Fund Measures
Senate President Therriault Renews Request For Ideas
Requires Real Audio Player = Ralph Seekins
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02-26-04: MidAmerican Chairman Optimistic About Contract
Pipeline Company Officials Brief The Senate Resources Committee
Requires Real Audio Player = Scott Ogan
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Requires Real an MP3 Player = Scott Ogan
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02-25-04: Military Command Briefs Legislature
Requires Real Audio Player = Gary Wilken
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02-24-04: HESS Committee Introduces PERS/TRS Fix

02-24-04: House Passes McGuire's Anatomical Gift Registry Bill

02-24-04: Sen. Lyda Green Looking for Oral Histories of Alaska Veterans

02-23-04: Key Victims' Rights Legislation Passes House Unanimously

02-23-04: Judiciary Changes Name & License Revocation

02-23-04: House Passes Limitations on Construction Defect Claims
Awards Limited to Actual Cost of Repair and Other Closely Related Costs

02-23-04: No-Call List Heading for House Floor

02-20-04: Senate President Asks Minority to Submit Ideas
Finance Committees Best Venue for Discussions

02-20-04: Senate Resources to Hear Shallow Gas Public Testimony

02-20-04: Afognak Land Project in Supplemental Budget
Governor Keeps Promise to Submit Receipt Authority

02-19-04: Expanded Research at UA Closer

02-19-04: HB 319 Moves Out of State Affairs
The Alaska Dream, Another Step Closer

02-19-04: HESS Hears Testimony on Crossings Program

02-18-04: House IT Subcommittee Hearing

02-17-04: Legislators Pleased with Special Session Change
Conference Issues Considered in Regular Session

02-17-04: Members of the Yukon Legislative Exchange Make Their Way to Juneau

02-17-04: Ways & Means Committee to Hold Hearing on HJR 31

02-16-04: Legislature Offers Sympathy To Two Senators
Sen. Bettye Davis And Sen. Gene Therriault Lose Family Members

02-13-04: Governor Signs HB 209
Rep. Chenault's Bill is First of Session to Become Law

02-12-04: A Fiscal Plan For The Future - For Alaskans

02-11-04: Media Alert
Legal Opinion Concerning Hammond Plan

02-06-04: Senate Stands Up for Alaska's Land Rights
More than 60 million acres at stake
Requires Real Audio Player = Gene Therriault
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02-06-04: House Passes HJR 5
Bill Includes All Alaskans In Initiative Process

02-06-04: Southeast Caucus Looks Forward to Session
Let's Work Together for Southeast Alaska

02-06-04: McGuire’s Anatomical Gift Registry Bill Moves Out of HESS Committee
Personal Testimony Moves Committee & Audience

02-05-04: February 6th Ronald Reagan Day
Stepovich Asks Colleagues To Honor A "Great American"

02-05-04: Willow Area Voters Support Spending Reductions

02-05-04: Fate to Attend Conference of Alaskans

02-05-04: Senators Ogan, Green And Wagoner Introduce A Resolution To Constitutionally Protect The Permanent Fund Dividend

02-04-04: MidAmerican Energy Gives Senate ABC's on Who It Is and What It Stands For

02-03-04: Railroad Talks Continue Between Canada and Alaska

02-02-04: Senate Hears Bill To Restructure Hearing Process

02-02-04: University Employee Research Contracts Measure Reaches House Rules Committee

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Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature
Alaska State Legislature

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